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Tara Reid’s leaked sex pics

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In Hollywood, if you want to be a movie star, you got to have three big things: a pair of big tits and the willingness to sleep with the director. It’s an undeniable truth that Tara Reid has those three credentials that’s why she had her 15 minutes of fame when she starred in Van Wilder. But because her 15 minutes of fame run out while more and more celebwhores are fighting for the limelight, the call of famewhoring pushed her to the edge.

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Tara Reid Porn Pictures

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Model, Hollywood actress and TV personality, Tara Reid was known to have been associated in suspense-thriller films during her younger years with movies such as A Return to Salem’s Lot and Urban Legend until she had every guy in town drooling over her when she appeared on Cruel Intentions until she shifted gears and decided to go comedy when she appeared on American Pie 1 & 2 and National Lampoon’s Van Wilder. Tara is one well-rounded actress that can fit any film genre aside from being one of the hottest and sexiest celebrities in the industry that men all over the world fantasized about her and she has become one way or the other, their object of their sexual desires. And to add fuel to your fiery desires, we have here a small collection of Tara Reid’s steamy and raunchy porn pictures we have enshrined in this small gallery for all of you to see and enjoy as we present to you Tara Reid Porn Pictures.

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Tara Reid Resurfaces Looking Like A Trainwreck

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It was in 2006 when Tara Reid revealed to the media the details of her botched plastic surgery procedures. According to her, she had gone to a plastic surgeon to get her breasts enhanced, and asked for a B-cup. The surgeon then gave her C-cups, which led to the deformed nipples that were so prominently displayed across the internet after her wardrobe malfunction at P.Diddy’s birthday party in 2004.

She then had some body contouring done by the same surgeon, which led to a deformed stomach with lumps and bruises, costing her more work as she couldn’t wear a bikini with abs like that. So she finally consulted another surgeon and had both botched jobs fixed, although as this latest picture of her shows, the scars of her badly-done augmentations have left their mark on her. From this picture taken somewhere in Bali, it also seems like her past affliction of anorexia is back, with her ribs protruding like that.

Too much peroxide for her hair and tanning spray for her body have also contributed to the current state of this cutie who was once a hot Hollywood commodity back before her hard-partying days.

Tara Reid Collapses While Partying

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Tara Reid was partying at a nightclub on the island of Bali when she lost her footing and injured herself. After her collapse, she was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was treated for the cuts and bruises she sustained in the fall.

True to her party girl reputation, Reid is now recovering at a luxury hotel on the island, where she was busy promoting a new line of pajamas with entrepreneur Peter Alexander. Aside from partying, of course.

Tara Reid To Host Hooker’s Ball

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Tara Reid will be in Australia next month to host the Darwin discovery nightclub’s “Hooker’s Ball”. The Hooker’s Ball is an event at the club described by hospitality manager Guy Dunne as “a night like your ‘pimps and prostitutes’ or sleaze balls, and it’s just a night of less is best.” He also when on to say that they thought that Tara Reid was a great choice as hostess, the party being “a very naughty night and an opportunity to put your inhibitions down. “ That sounds just perfect for Tara alright.

America’s party girl will also reportedly join a wet T-shirt contest, and may even dress as a prostitute for the raunchy event. Sounds like a normal night out for our girl, don’t you think? The ads for the party also promise “Bondage beds, fantasy , latex, porn stars and erotic dancers.” Other hosts for the party include a business woman and various “Big Brother Australia” reality show contestants.

Tara Reid With Serious Liver Problems?

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Reports have surfaced that Tara Reid had been hospitalized in early October so that she could undergo a battery of tests for possible liver or pancreas damage. Reid is known for her hard-partying ways, so the elevated liver enzymes that the doctors reportedly found are not really surprising. Elevated liver enzymes can be caused by alcohol abuse, and alcohol is something Tara has had a lot of. She was also reportedly undergoing crazy mood swings while in the hospital, and was so uncooperative that three of the sitters assigned to her there quit. This kind of emotional volatility is can be a symptom of alcohol withdrawal, so again, no surprises there. The actress though, has denied these media reports concerning her alleged condition.

Tara Reid Embarrasses Ex-Boyfriend At Party

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Hell hath no fury like a skank scorned, “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis found out. The creator of the adult DVD film series and Tara dated for a while, and when Francis guested on Howard Stern’s radio show, he said, “Tara is the worst in bed. I love Tara, but, honestly, she pretty much just lays there. And I had sex with her a lot.”

His statement apparently reached the ears of Ms. Reid, because when Francis saw Tara at the pre-Grammy party of music producer Clive Davis at the Beverly Hills Hilton and called her attention, she turned around and shouted “Get away from me! Never talk to me again! “ Well, what else did he expect? He should’ve gone looking for Paris instead, because as he told Howard Stern, “Paris Hilton is better in the sack than anyone else. She is amazing in bed.”